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Galbraith Flooring and Paint

In 1897 L. W. Galbraith moved from Lampasses, TX to Carthage, MO with his large family and openned a “racket” store (later to be known as dime stores). During World War 1 the racket store was closed except for the paint and wallpaper departments. L. W. ran the store until 1935 when he passed away and the store was closed.

Two generations later, a 27 year old single Robert L. Galbraith bought the Roush Paint Co. in Carthage, Missouri. When he took over the paint company he was 7000.00 in debt, lived with his parents in Joplin, MO and drove his father’s car back and forth to work. The first two years he lost money, but by 1949 he made a livable profit and married Henryetta Smith. They had five children who all spent time helping out in the business growing up.

Around 1965 he expanded into flooring and ceramic tile which is now the major part of the business. Over the years Gregg, Sandy and Debbie have come back to work in the family business.

In 2003 Gregg Galbraith took over the ownership of the business and has expanded the commercial side to be a substantial part of the business. Contact Us about your flooring or painting needs!


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